My first anniversary

Warning! : Rotten Humour is injurious to health. The reader is requested to read at his/her peril.

A close look-see exposed the news to my view. I’m a year old ( WordPress is lying! ) and 195 wisest people of the world chose to follow me without any noticeable regrets! And maybe I am just daydreaming, but I like to believe that they are reading the last edited version of my posts that take some time to appear after they are published. After all, the wish is father of the thought! Tee-hee! Feeling like a dog with two tails. I offer my infinite gratitude to all my sagacious followers and envious readers. Pumpkin Pie is on the way though I am afraid, I am hardly for pumpkins. Yet I would as lief pray for the well-being of all the tiny pumpkins.

Here dark clouds are gathered and the overcast sky heralds another rainstorm?

Another year has flown out of the window. It’s like time has turned full circle. Back in the day, odds were staked and still, I put someone’s nose out of joints. Or, maybe I was caught with my pants down while cuffing my goats. Eventually, the Herdman was back and I was out of the mad scramble forcing me to cook omelettes. Phew! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I like only French omelette! By the way, India is still relying on Amul Milk for strength and fitness for that matter.

So what’s your recipe for a kickass day? Do share your omelettes 🍳 below. Feel the sunshine in your bones, more vitamin B12 for stronger bones. 💪 Ta!

Photo saved from Pinterest (site’s address’s slipped my mind)

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Originally published at on May 27, 2021.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.